Complete Site Work & Excavating Services in Waitsfield, VT

Excavating a Property - Excavating Services in Waitsfield, VT
Excavating your property on your own is tricky. Avoid costly mistakes with excavating services from Kingsbury Construction Co. Inc. based in Waitsfield, Vermont. Kingsbury Construction Co. Inc. offers complete site work excavating services, handling all phases of your job from layout, land clearing, roads, foundations, septic systems and utilities. When winter arrives call us for your snow plowing and sanding needs.


Quality Service

When you're in need of excavating services for residential and commercial projects, look no further than Kingsbury Construction Co. Inc. We offer turnkey services and will complete the job from start to finish.


  • Residential & Commercial Foundation Excavations
  • Rock Crushing & Topsoil Screening Services
  • Rock Breaking Services with Pneumatic Hammers
  • Snow Plowing & Removals
  • Storm Water Drainage Installations For Fields & Home Sites
  • Underground Storage Tank Removals
  • Septic System Installations & Repairs
  • Pond Constructions
  • Equine Riding Arenas & Footing Installations with Laser Grading Tools
  • Roadway & Driveway Grading & Installations
  • Electric & Telephone Conduit Installations
  • Land Clearing for Site Developments
  • Municipal Water & Sewer Installations & Repairs
  • Parking Lot Constructions
Contact us to ensure your construction project is done properly the first time.